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Limmud Baltics

Mobile app for every community and event

Tallinn Synagogue

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Yahad Estonia

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Shaarei Kedusha

Mobile app for every community and event

JCC Tallinn

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Olameinu Mishpacha

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Chabad-Shomrei Shabbos

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CER convention

Mobile app for every community and event



Different variants of events display in calendar (Monthly, Weekly, upcoming events list).
Jewish calendar
Apps have advanced Jewish calendar with Zmanim, Holidays and Shabbat candle lighting time. This is optional feature and can be disabled in some projects.
Each event has a number of categories, which also can be selected by a user and events will be filtered according to selected categories.
Events can be starred and added to favorites list. In this case user will not miss the most interesting events he/she wants to attend.
Stop producing piles of paper booklets and hand-outs with program and list of lecturers. We believe, that with the means of modern technology we can make our planet a little bit more green and friendly for future generations.
It doesn't matter if your event is happening in a 5-star hotel or a camp in forest, you can add locations for lectures and gatherings on the map.
Security aspects are implemented as following: In order to see detailed information about event (location, lecturers, details etc), user need to be registered and approved.
App will use unique design, developed for this project. We are working with the best designer with very interesting ideas. Let him be creative and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Multilingual support
Information about events, categories, lecturers and many more can be localized to selected languages. Also user can select different language of the app and the information will be shown in preferred language.
Push notifications
Administrator can send updates about program and keep contact with users. Users can be notified by selected categories. In this case information can be delivered to those, who are really interested.

Mobile app for every community, conference or sport club

About the project

Community app is intended to give access to an organization programs and events from mobile devices (Android, iOS). It contains information about recurring and single occasions (date, time, place, lecturer etc). User can add events to favorites list and get reminders for only selected ones. Organization has possibility to send push notifications before significant events.
App is created as multilingual – all events have proper translations. User can select in which language he wants to get information and what in-app localization.

1. Design

Unique design for every project. KosherDev in cooperation with the client develops a special design for the app.

2. Data

App will have access only to events, lecturers, locations etc of definite organization, conference or sport club. The events list will be developed by Community administrator. It can be done in administration console.

3. Administration console

  • Administrator is able to add/edit/remove events. Events can be one-time or recurring. Each event can have any number of lecturers, presenters or responsible persons.
  • Administrator will be able to send push notifications to users by selected categories.
  • Administrator approves members of the community, so that they will be able to get more detailed information. This is done for security reasons, to avoid people from outside of community to get sensitive information.

4. App features

  • User can select a number of categories, he/she is interested in. In this case all data will be filtered by selected categories. Push notifications also will be delivered based on these selected categories.
  • Users saves favorite events to be notified about them.
  • User registers in app by e-mail, Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Jewish holidays, Zmanim and more related information is displayed in the app offline.

5. Special solution for Sport teams and clubs

Add plans and schedule for sport team training. No more e-mails and messages, all in one – notifications, calendar, trainers and many more features.